Our Values

The Beyond Therapy Podcast combines Creasman Counseling's commitment to justice and equity in mental health with our passion for educating providers. We have spent years in direct service and counselor education, and have been frustrated by the slow progress toward cultural responsiveness in the field. We believe that systemic change starts at individual, family, and community levels. We hope this work will inspire others to step up and speak out.

Our Commitment

  • Deconstruct research and clinical practice by centering voices from historically marginalized groups

  • Design content with an emphasis on accessibility

  • Invite personal growth through vulnerability and empathy

  • Contribute to causes that empower disenfranchised groups

Our Team

The Beyond Therapy team is part of  Creasman Counseling, PLLC

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Founder and Host

Candice is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Supervisor and has been providing mindfulness-based therapy to clients with trauma, substance use concerns, and mood disorders for over 15 years. She teaches in Masters of Counseling programs, directs an internship program for counselors in training, and teaches mindfulness to international audiences.


Director of Operations

Dr. Al-Qimlass works to create smooth and efficient processes for both providers and clients; and a culture of self-care and community for all staff members. Dr. Al-Qimlass also continues to work with clients on a part-time basis.


Marketing Director

In addition to being Creasman Counseling's Outreach Coordinator, Rianna runs the Beyond Therapy social media pages. She designs content to provide resources, highlight our guests, and announce the latest podcast news!

Mutual aid model for giving back

We are proud to work in partnership with groups dedicated to building community, agency, and resources for people from marginalized backgrounds.  We are committed to donating 100% of all proceeds to groups that address community needs and amplify diverse voices.   

We donate to:  

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